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Made Man E3 biuld (unreleased game for xbox released)


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just released today is the e3 biuld of made-man for the original xbox,this game never saw a release.

First of all it looks like you may need the 128mb ram upgrade to play this from what i have read.

thanks go to borman and everyone who donated for the release of this game.


First off, let me thank everyone that made it possible to release this.


Onto the details. (Interview with a) Made Man was planned to be a multiplatform title. While a PS2 version did eventually come out in some markets, the Xbox version was left behind.


This build was shown at e3, and contains two levels, and a trailer. The levels are:

The FBI : http://ptoponline.com/?p=172

Cigarette Tax Scam : http://ptoponline.com/?p=168

And, of course, the trailer : http://ptoponline.com/?p=165


With a quick modification of a file (sorry, I don't recall off the top of my head, but it is easy!), the level select becomes available, allowing some levels to load, while many crash. There is still a ton of interesting content in it, a treat for any beta fan : http://ptoponline.com/?p=702




Now that it is out there, I hope people can play around, and see if any of the PS2 content can be loaded into the Xbox version. Could make a nice hybrid build.

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