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FCEUX 2.2.0 released


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FCEUX 2.2.0

27 November 2012


The 2.2.0 release fixes a lot of bugs and adds many new features to prior releases, increasing game compatibility and enhancing usability of both Windows and SDL ports. The Windows version also includes major improvement of debugging tools and introduces the new powerful toolset - TAS Editor v1.0 - created to boost efficiency and ease of Tool-Assisted Speedrunning.


Notable changes


  • Huge mappers overhaul, all latest mappers from fceu-mm
  • Win32: Bug fixes
  • Win32: Proper fullscreen support and correct aspect ratio
  • Win32: Major improvement of debugging tools
  • Win32: TAS Editor 1.0
  • Various bugfixes in movies/replay engine
  • Improved Lua drawing, new Lua functions and scripts
  • Win32: fixed compare-type cheats and game genie codes
  • "Display FPS" option
  • Win32: "Force Grayscale" option
  • Win32: Support for HUD recording in AVI dumping
  • SDL: fixed various segfaults and build issues
  • SDL: added gtk hotkey configuration dialog

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