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Diddy's Kong Quest


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Was about 67% through the game when my hdd failed!!

So I've replaced the drive and setup all my emulators etc...


However, I've lost my save point.

Does anyone out there just happen to have a save point for this game - doesn't matter what percentage - I just don't want to start from the beginning.

I'm using ZsnexBox 3.7 emu (don't think this matters too much) - also could you let me know where to drop the file?



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I'm not sure if save files from the PC version of ZSNES work on the Xbox port. But you can find complete SRAM save files here:



Or if that isn't compatible then there are emulator save states here:



I think at least one of those should work but if not, then I'm certain Zsnexbox supports cheat codes. You could find and use one of those to unlock all the levels so you can play from the one you left off.

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