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Altirra 2.10 released


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Emulates Atari games consoles, such as Atari 800.


Version 2.10 [August 13, 2012]:


Features added


- SlightSID emulation support.

- Covox emulation support.

- 1200XL emulation support.

- BASIC programs can now be booted.

- Fast boot option now accelerates timeouts for powered down disk drives.

- Disk: Added support for format skewed ($66) command.

- Disk: Format commands ($21, $22) now support high-speed operation.

- Disk: Added emulation profile modes for various disk drives.

- Disk: Reduced ACK-to-complete delay when accurate sector timing is off.

- Disk: Added rotation and seek sound emulation.

- Disk: Accurate disk timing prediction is now preserved when burst I/O transfers are enabled.

- Debugger: Added .sum (sum memory area) command.

- Debugger: Added .warmstart command.

- Debugger: Added ap (alias pattern) command for adding aliases with patterns.

- Debugger: Added additional aliases to a8 command (set Atari800-compatible command aliases).

- Debugger: Added alternate L>addr syntax for setting an address range length based on an end address.

- Debugger: Added heat map support.

- Debugger: Added .basic_dumpline command.

- Debugger: Enter now repeats the last command.

- Debugger: .dumpdlist command now collapses runs of identical commands.

- Debugger: Unassemble and dump commands now support continuation from the last address.

- Debugger: Added deref signed byte (dsb) expression operator.

- Debugger: Added %c and %y formatting specifiers to .printf command.

- Debugger: Added .dmamap command to show ANTIC DMA pattern over the course of a frame.

- Serial: 1030 Modem support.

- Display: Added scanline display mode.

- Display: Added integer-multiple version of preserve aspect ratio sizing mode.

- Display: Added sharp bilinear filter mode.

- Display: Text can now be copied out of ANTIC modes 2, 3, 6, and 7 (GR.0, 1, and 2).

- Display: Added CIO intercept based enhanced text mode.

- HDevice: Added minimal support for SDX Get Current Directory command ($30).

- HDevice: Added support for H6-H9: text translation modes.

- HDevice: Implemented rename, get/set/create/remove directory, and get file length commands.

- HDevice/PCLink: Fixed lock command not setting read-only flag.

- Cartridge: Added MicroCalc 32K cartridge type support.

- Cartridge: Added cartridge type autodetection.

- UI: Screenshot command now adjusts for interlacing and 14MHz dot clock rendering.

- UI: The program is now marked as high DPI aware in the application manifest.

- Simulator: Added support for MapRAM MMU modification.


Bugs fixed


- Increased paste keyboard timer to reduce dropped keys on line processing delays.

- Fixed startup crash on Sandy Bridge CPUs on Windows XP.

- Simulator: Inhibit FP math acceleration hooks when PBI ROM overlay is active.

- Simulator: BASIC disable Option key hold is now released more quickly to reduce cartridge conflicts.

- Debugger: "read" and "write" terms can now appear more than twice in a conditional breakpoint expression.

- Debugger: Fixed .tracecio off not working.

- Debugger: Fixed execution stopping on TRACE statements.

- Debugger: Breakpoint clear (bc) command no longer interprets breakpoint numbers as hex.

- Debugger: Fixed console entry window not always disabling properly.

- Debugger: .pokey command now reports correct status for secondary POKEY.

- Display: Fixed crash on some XP systems on display mode change.

- Display: Added workaround for ps1.1 precision issue on Intel graphics cards.

- Display: Fixed bicubic scaling in OpenGL mode.

- ANTIC: Fixed line buffer addressing to correctly handle aliasing of buffered data to different modes.

- POKEY: Fixed glitching in high-pass filtering.

- POKEY: Fixed wrong bit in SKSTAT being set for serial input overruns.

- POKEY: Fixed asynchronous receive mode not resetting timers 3+4 that are already running.

- Disk: Fixed handling of XF551 high-speed sector skew format commands ($A1/$A2).

- Disk: Format command now sends back ACK+ERROR+buffer instead of NAK on a read-only disk.

- Disk: Adjusted step rate of 810 drive to 5.3ms.

- Disk: Fixed forced sector ordering command (.diskorder) for .pro images.

- Disk: Step delays were not always reflected correctly in command delay time (only rotational position).

- Disk: Fixed inverted write protect bit status.

- Disk: Attempted writes to a write protected disk now return errors instead of a NAK.

- Disk: Fixed command response when accessing a drive with no disk.

- Disk: Fixed error return for unsupported Write PERCOM Block requests.

- Disk Explorer: Fixed case sensitivity issue allowing duplicate file creation on DOS 2 file systems.

- Input: Fixed bug in keyboard repeat detection code.

- Input: Improved Caps Lock key support.

- Cartridge: An error is now thrown when attempting to save a cartridge image in .CAR format with an unsupported mapper.

- Cartridge: Fixed switchable XEGS cartridge modes.

- Display: Fixed display mode matching when /f is specified on the command line.

- Display: Improved behavior of interlaced mode when frames are dropped.

- CPU: Fixed cycle behavior of ASL/LSR/ROL/ROR abs,X instructions in 65C02 mode.

- HLE Kernel: Fixed BUFADR being overwritten by CIO, which broke the DOS XE executable loader.

- IDE: Fixed banking in KMK/JZ V1 mode and added 3K ROM support.

- IDE: Fixed multiple sector read requests of exactly 32 sectors.

- VBXE: Fixed memory not being cleared on cold reset with randomize function disabled.

- Serial: Fixed incompatibility with Ice-T XE and the R: handler's STATUS handler.

- Misc: Fixed upper 4 bits for some R-Time 8 register reads.

- HDevice: Fixed NOTE and POINT commands.

- Cheats: Fixed 16-bit option not being tracked properly for manually entered cheats.

- GTIA: Sprites are now triggered properly from within horizontal blank.

- GTIA: Fixed sprite image overlap result.

- Cassette: Loading a new tape didn't press 'play' on the emulated player until the next cold reset.

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