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PCem 0.7 released.


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PCem is an emulator for old XT/AT-class PCs. It emulates :


- IBM 5150 PC

- IBM 5160 XT

- Tandy 1000

- Generic XT clone

- DTK XT clone

- Schneider EuroPC

- Amstrad PC1512

- Sinclair PC200

- Amstrad PC1640

- Amstrad PC2086

- Amstrad PC3086


- Commodore PC30-III

- Dell System 200

- AMI 286 clone

- Acer 386SX/25N

- Amstrad MegaPC

- AMI 386 clone

- AMI 486 clone

- AMI WinBIOS 486 clone

- AMI PCI 486 clone (Shuttle HOT-433)


with 640k of RAM (1-64mb for AT and 286/386/486), 2 floppy drives (up to 2.88mb), 2 hard drives, CGA, MDA, Hercules, EGA (PC1640 only), VGA or SVGA, SoundBlaster, GameBlaster, GUS, and a mouse. It can run both DOS-based games and booter games, as well as Windows.


3rd August 2012

PCem v0.7 released. Windows 98 now works, Win95 more stable, more machines + graphics cards, and a huge number of fixes.


This is likely to be the final version of PCem.

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