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UT2004 Server

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I recently upgraded my server in the basement, so I've got plenty of resources to spare. Decided to run a UT2004 server.


There's no Master Server uplink, thus no CD Key check(and thus no stats tracking). All the Bonus packs are in use as well as a bunch of Classic UT remakes and some others. I'll continue adding maps as I have time.


Server is up 24/7(nearly, scheduled reboot twice a week at 5am) so long as my internet connection is up, and a public file redirect on a 100mbit line is present for downloads of maps/packages you don't have, so downloads are fast and don't affect the game server.


Map voting is on, with the ability to change gametype, server default is CTF and will revert to random CTF map if no votes are placed. Min 6 players with bots filling spots and always playing, keeping the maps rotating.



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