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Make money or give to family?

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My cousin brought me a PC round after seeing me strip my own and rebuild it on facebook.

Its an old rig bit will be just fine for basic desktop use.

He told me his was "broke" so I said bring it round, normally I avoid this shit.


It hasnt got a graphics card inside it and the spare cards I have will require a power pack with a 6 pin power supply.


So Spares I got:


KT3 ultra motherboard 6400 plus dual core amd Pro.

Power pack with two 6 pin connectors.

4 gig of ram

2 7800GTX (Could get this rig up to speed for a few older games)


My cousin wants this to play world of warcraft and i can get the specs up easily for him to play it, but he will be playing via a dongle (wirless net) which to me is well its not stupid it just seems like a waste as the ping is that bad.


Now this pc he brought round, the tower is tip fucking top - even got an external fan.


I can clean all my stuff up and put my tackle in that rig, and fire on a copy of whatever, but then i have a decentslave Tower that I could probably get 70 bucks for.


Its a lot of work just to get it dumped on me and to make off with all my spare stuff for him to probably nack it up and bring it back to me within 3 months.


Do I just offer him 20 bucks for the tower tell him its kaput (which it most likely is from the error its getting) or do i build the fecker up and let him have it?

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