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WinUAE 2.4.1 released

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WinUAE is the best Amiga emulator.


Get it here --> http://www.winuae.net/frames/download.html


WinUAE 2.4.1 released (09.05.2012)



"Traditional" x.x.0 bug fix update and some improvements.


2.4.0 bugs fixed:


- CDFS problems fixed. (crashes, wrong case if RockRidge or Joliet, truncated file comments)

- Fake 60Hz didn't work.

- Software filter major slowdown in higher resolutions.

- D3D overlay mask scaling artifacts in some resolutions.

- D3D "CRT" filters had bad geometry.

- Automatic resize resized continuously in interlaced modes.

- Some USB joysticks had multiple buttons with same name and dpad diagonal movement didn't work.

- Keyboard reset warning emulation didn't work.

- Legacy VSync works correctly again.

- Bsdsocket emulation gethostbyname("ip.address") random crash.


Other bugs fixed:


- Automatic scale/center/resize didn't work in ECS SuperPlus screen mode.

- OCS/ECS max hires overscan didn't show first 4 pixels. (ECS SuperPlus)

- 68020 cycle-exact mode statefile reliability improved. (Random "CPU trace" errors)

- 0.5M Chip RAM was detected as 1M in JIT mode.

- Mouse cursor jumping to top/left corner in some virtual machines when mouse button was clicked.


New features and updates:


- Fastest possible CPU mode (including JIT) throttle option (-10% to -90%)

- Approximate CPU mode speed adjustment (-90% to +500%). Replaces old CPU/Chipset adjustment.

- Fastest possible CPU mode timing improved.

- Low latency vsync stability improved.

- Internal display buffering system rewritten, PAL/NTSC vertical centering, even better screen positioning in programmed modes.

- Fullscreen (TV)/(Max) filter mode programmed mode and PAL/NTSC switching support.

- Custom Input Event autofire support.

- Switch to another monitor if multiple monitors with different resolutions and current RTG resolution is not supported by current monitor.

- CDFS statefile support implemented.

- Sound sync improved.

- Debugger basic math operator support (+-/*).

- Autoscaling improved (CD32 boot screen).

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