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My dog is driving me mad - what was temporal has turned in to a year


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I have this staff cross pit type dog.

It took me a year to calm him down from the previous owner.

I was supposed to take this dog for 6 months tops and when my son was born it was gone.

Anyway I broke with my EX and the dog ended up staying around to keep me company.


Let me tell you the first 6 months of training was a nightmare, this dog is stubborn and would only respond to very dominant commands and body language. Now he knows to do what he is told or he will be in trouble.

Easier for him easy for me.


Over a year has passed, and everyday I get up and the dog is in the way of my life, he has chewed my stuff up on enough occasions, my wood skirting boards in the stairwell are fucked.

This dog went from being tied to a kitchen radiator all day to two 20 minute walks a day with bonus walks here and there.

He is fed top grade quality chow, had his jabs, and is wormed on the dot.


The dog has bitten before as a medium sized pup, so for this his social interaction is limited - however you wanna say it, this dog is not allowed near kids period.


So this week it has done nothing but rain in the UK.

Now I dont give a shit what anyone says, I dont walk my dogs in the rain like a neurotic do gooder. He gets a quick walk round the block and thats him done, twice a day and that's it. If the weather is good he gets longer walks.

Walking is bullshit anyway - why the fuck have we got to walk these ungrateful dick weeds.


So my problems:


1. I get up and want to do stuff.

Cant, got to take the dog out for his morning piss and shit. I have top place half an hour of my time - which I hole heatedly admit i'm fed up of doing for this dog.

That's a +1 on how annoying this fucking dog is. My limited life as it is, is governed by a pair of balls no bigger than a couple of dates and an IQ of about 25. So I might say I want to go Jogging - or walk to the shop, guess what? The asshole needs to be sorted first. Getting fed up of it.


2. It bolts - if someone comes in my house all it gives a fuck about is getting to that person as quickly as it can and "dominating them" This pisses me off and im not gonna lie I feel like uppercutting the dog when it does this. I hate it diving on my guests. So my mum comes round with my sisters younger kid - I place it in my bedroom (remember no kids rule) As soon as they are gone and out the door I open my door and he bolts passed me trying to get downstairs, dont think so fucker. I grabbed him and threw his ass back in the bedroom. +1 On how annoying this shit burger is.


3. Walking him is annoying.

Im an experienced dog walker - I have walked border collies, smelly arsed rottweilers, greyhounds, smaller dog - boxers, you name it I have walked them all. I can tell what a dog is gonna do before it has done it in most cases.

But NOTHING and I mean nothing I have ever walked is as annoying as this dog.

It remembers where it saw cats, dogs, and anything else with its shitty prey drive. I can be walking him with a little bit of slack on the slip lead and it will bolt HEAD FUCKING FIRST under a car to get a cat. Stick its head threw holes in faces. Anything it can find! Its that stupid it ran 100 meters off lead and head first in to a flight of steps.


When I see another dog, i have to choke it up on its choke chain and the rat keeps pulling on its back legs like it has never seen another dog before. It was running behind me for a while - it learned the hard way not to do this.

It knows the "heel up" command but only chooses to obay it if he is threatened with an ass whupping.


It cant be socialized with other dogs - all it does is try to dominate them and STAND RIGHT IN THEIR FACE.

It did it to this guys mastiff I know and his mastiff dog laid my dog out on its back and could of mauled it.


You cant enjoy a walk with this dog - not like many other mutts I have owned or helped with over the years. You cant even tie him up to nip in a shop or you get a retared shrieking like someone is murdering him. ANNOYING CUNT. Separation anxiety my ass.


4. The neediness is unbearable. UNBEARABLE.


What kind of a clingy fucking shit is this dog - The only way this dog would be happy and even then it would only be temporary for like a minute is if someone stapled this dogs skins to my head and it was glued to me. NO it's not cute, i dont find it appealing or compassionate. I find it worse than a girlfriend you cant get rid of! So if the dog does not want 3 hours of demanding exercise daily, it wants you to nurse him like a baby, pamper his every second of existence. And to cap it all off when I stroke THIS dog that shit irritates my eyes very mildly!!! AGH. Some dogs i can pet and wont get that irritation in my eyes. Lo and behold THIS one is one of the ones that irrates my eyes annoying! I spend time washing my hands and face!!!






Im a guy where if you stare at me for too long I will ask what the fuck you are looking at.

My mother said i have never liked people staring.

So can you imagine the annoyance i get when this dog and im not kidding stares ALL the time.


he positions him self in the corner of my vision and stares, when i send him to his bed, i walk in the kitchen and he stares, i cook - he stares, I wake up he is staring at me. THIS DOG IS NEUROTIC. Im on my PC he moves to my left and right, NUDGES my swivel chair!!! Now you might thinks thats funny - I dont. I find it spooky like this dog is controlling me.


6. The hairs.

Are you nuts?

The hairs - what in the fuck, twice a year your house is incarcerated in hairs. This dog could explode tomorrow (with me feeling happy about it) and I bet I will still find his shitty little hairs all over the place in a year. i clean and clean my flat (and my flat isnt even that nice) and i can never get the hairs up.


never get a dog - ever.

Ever, ever, ever!


Unless you get a small dog - I will never get one again unless i have a big sealed in garden.

I hate this dog - I could happily kick its ass everyday.

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EZ LEAD... One tiny thing that will help when he pulls you. Its two loops, one around the neck and one around the nose. This will force his head with leverage from snout so he will not choke his ass up trying to break free. This is THE thing you need to get for that. <edited redundancies>

timberwolf-ez-lead.jpg: hotlink...


The dog stares because he is bored. I often wonder what pets think as I play whatever video-game. Toby often comes up to me, sits and stares... it means he want me to take him outside to throw the ball or something. Well it doesnt help that he had a previous owner cause they allowed him to be "dominant" and your a dominant personality... hees confused even with your training. Im no dog whisperer tho

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