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What the hell happened to XBOX-Scene?


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Agree with the post's by Weinerscnitzel and +T+.

Pretty much covers what i was going to say.

Xbox-scene fell all over themselves when the 360 was released, possibly imagining the future possibilities of the 360 scene based on the previous performance of the Xbox 1 scene.

Didn't quite work out that way did it ?


Very few (old) 360's capable of JTag, the new RGH that will boot after waiting from 5 secs to 2 mins for the hack to work, if it does of course based on reports of it working 1 in 4 times on average.

Pulsing the chip, like it does, can't be a good thing long term, we shall see.

Poor Homebrew/Emulator support, which is only available to the old, rare and over priced JTag's and the very glitchy RGH.

Then we have Wasabi and Xkey360 for the 360, both optical drive emulators that can only play retail titles from external HDD's and no Homebrew.

So all in all expensive hacks/mods whichever you choose, in some cases unreliable too.

As Microsoft admitted, dropping support for Xbox so early was a mistake, one they won't be repeating.

Same for Xbox scene, the old Xbox was it's bread and butter. You only reap what you sow.


Just my opinion of course, though i am looking at Wasabi or Xkey360 for myself.

For Homebrew/Emulators i'll stick with the old Xbox.

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it's too bad that xbox-scene doesn't report on the ole' xbox as often. with recent emu updates (snes, scumm, etc) and big surprises (saturn and 3do emu's though not perfect) you'd think they would try to re-amp up the scene. similar to what alpha's been doing here.


i think most of us who enjoy emu's on xbox are the older crowd who actually grew up playing these actual game consoles as kids/teens and i believe that's what keeping the scene, though small, alive.


if it wasn't for xbox-scene i wouldn't have gotten into xbox modding.


come to think of it... it's their fault!!

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I joined the xbox homebrew scene fairly late (back when everyone actually got along with BP on here lol. That's a very distant memory now).


Xbox-Scene has the most clunkiest user interface imaginable; WAY too many sub-forums.

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