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BSNES 0.086 released

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SNES emulator.


Get it here --> http://byuu.org/?page=bsnes&bg=3


bsnes v086 released


The main focus of this release is Laevateinn, which is the new bsnes debugger. Unlike previous

debuggers, Laevateinn is a standalone application with its own GUI entirely focused on debugging.



- created ui-debugger target (Laevateinn)

- fixed multitap ports 2-4 [quequotion]

- fixed ui-libsnes target compilation

- fixed a crashing issue with NSS XML markup

- improved cartridge-folder loading support

- NES can now load .fc (headerless NES) or .prg+.chr (split NES) images

- fixed cursor being visible in fullscreen mode when using Linux/Metacity window manager [ncbncb]

- show normal cursor when using Linux/SDL video driver [ncbncb]

- added menu accelerators

- fixed a bug in performance profile SMP incw/decw instructions

- SNES core can now optionally be built without Game Boy emulation core

- added 2012-02-04 cheats.xml database [mightymo]

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