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This is a frontend, you can get it here --> http://emuloader.mameworld.info/





Minor cosmetic fixes in the user interface


Events of several buttons and components in "MAME Settings" screen were missing (folders tabs). Not a single bug report about this either :_(


Status bar not updated after single game scan (audit)


The folder for SEGA Model 2 Emu config file could not be located, as the folder was not being properly set. That means NO ONE could run games with the frontend! Sadly, nobody reported this :_(


Minor bug that was not properly adding merged clone "names" into "arcade\mame_merged.ini"




If option "Set All Games Available", only the games from the selected "scan games" option will be updated (not the entire games list). But the "arcade\system_name.miss" file will not be updated


Selection bar updated


Big core change 1! From now one, the entire ROMs database is loaded in RAM for easier and faster access. You must re-create the games list for all systems!

- ROMs database changed again ("\arcade\systemname_roms.el" files). Used by following features: "scan games (audit)", "scan results" and "game details"

- no more "baddump" / "nodump" tags detection (this is not a ROM manager), although "nodump" is set if the checksum is empty

- entries "gmtitle", "cloneof", "biosname" removed since they're not needed anymore

- an addition of 3 seconds to load the ROMs database, when loading the games list


Features "Scan Games (Audit)" and "Scan Results" updated to use the new ROMs database format. The data needed (game info and ROMs list) are read directly from the games list


- code 0 -> available game

- code 1 -> missing ROMs/CHDs

- code 2 -> missing (no .zip file found)

Code cleanups




The following "selection bar" settings were removed (preferences screen, "Selection Bar" frame box)

- "Full Item Paint" -> it's always enabled anyway

- "Gradient Bar" -> gradient selection bar is always enabled now




New scan games option: audit multiple selected games at once :-)

- only games from ONE system will be scanned (based on the first selected game)

- option located below "Selected Game [shift+F5]", called "Selected Games (Multiple)"... games popup menu, "Scan Games (Audit ROMs)" sub-menu or just use the hot-key "Shift+F6"


New selection bar option: "Round Corners". Enable or disable the rounded corners in the selection bar (preferences screen)

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