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Nintendo DS to PC emulator link

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Hey everyone, i'm new to this site but I already know some things about emulators for video game consoles.

If what I'm looking for isn't obvious from the title I'll explain. I'm looking to take an legit nintendo ds with for example "mario kart ds", and link it to my emulator on my computer to play against the ds on vs. through my computer's wifi card and the ds's wifi.

I just was looking for this because my friend has a ds and we wanna play together but my ds broke forever ago.

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Welcome to 1Emulation! We've been here since 2002 helping people all over the world.

Please introduce yourself to the community and join in on the cool discussions!


I did some research on your question and found that currently this is NOT FULLY POSSIBLE. The only emulator that has gotten close is DeSmuME, but they have only been prototyping Wifi access, and it's far from perfect.

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