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Sony: Get your broken ps3 upgraded for 99$

Hard Core Rikki

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Upgrade Your Broken PS3 for $99


Sony has another good promotion going on. Trade in your old 60GB PS3 that has YLOD and for $99 they will send you a refurbed 120GB PS3. This is a win-win since it costs $150 to fix the old one.



By now most launch model PS3 20GB, 60GB, and the slightly newer 40GB and 80GB fat models have gone belly up. Even if you took the best care of them. My 60GB died in 2010, and I had it for 2 ½ years. Hey, it survived two moves and being in a college environment. Some people have been reporting that they have had luck with the 20GB, 40GB and 80GB models as well. Others have been saying they got offered the 160GB model for $99.


So if your old PS3 finally bit the dust, why not let Sony take care of this for you? Turn around time is about a week. Sony is offering free shipping to and from and I think they will include a warranty on the new PS3. Or you can have the odd guy on craigslist try to fix it. He won’t give you a warranty and may charge ½ as much.


Link to the service page. Some users on SD have reported that by calling customer service you may have better luck getting things done faster. 1-800-345-7669. Good luck getting everything in order and enjoy your newish quieter PS3.

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