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I can't delete some partial downloads.


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Sometimes, when I try getting a movie on DC, the person signs off and never comes back. Sometimes, I can delete the partial download, and sometimes, I can't. Do you guys know a way around this? I've gone so far as to reboot and trying to delete the partials before doing anything else, and it still won't work. Off the top o f my head, I would say that I have roughly a gig in partials that just won't go away, so any help will be appreciated.

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DC makes a log of files in use, it wont let you delete them because they are "in use" this means someone can resume from you and to aid it DC wont allow you to move the file from its path...


Anyway to delte these files...


Eithier delete Direct connect then delete them then re install it.


Or start in SAFE MODE and delete them that way :P

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