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Psx Backups on PS3 Now Possible !


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Disc Based Backups can now be run on a jailbroken PS3 via the newest version of MultiMAN.

All you have to do is burn your backup to a blank CD, pop it in your PS3, load the latest MultiMAN and load the backup from the Games tab.

Alot more in detail information can be found here PS3 HAX or here PS3Crunch


NOTE: you must create Memory Cards first for saves to work (only needs to be done once)


Again, more detailed info can be found in both the links.



Have Fun. :)

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great post Ploggy! this is really awesome news, as I remember early in the ps3 jailbreak days there was a crappy PSX emulator available. Glad to see finally native support in action. Hopefully, we will see PS2 Backups possible soon as well?

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