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a little less conversation more action

gamez fan

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the winter games rush is nearly apon us as elvis would say less talk more action

so instaed of talking about games im off to play some catch you all later


im gonna play depending on reviews all of these


deus ex human revolution

gears of war 3


dark souls

ratchet and clank all 4 one

batman arkham city

uncharted 3 drakes deception

assassins creed revelations

elder scrolls 5 skyrim

and if it finally gets a pal release raiden fighters aces


what games are you gonna play this winter aahaw haw

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Deus EX HR IMO Started brightly but faded badly.

Blink and its over.

Ill deffo be getting batman arkum city no two ways about it, Ill be sure to check out skyrim too as its elder scrolls if im not mistaken, i used to love harassing and stealing shit in that game, rememeber once I went all the way to the top of a wizards tower and stole his ice staff or whatever. Ha!

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I'm gonna finish FFIX. Recently played through VII, still the best RPG ever, and VIII, the biggest tragedy in RPG history. Could have been a fantastic game but the most absurd combat system makes it almost unplayable.


Then I'm gonna play FFX again. After that FFX-2 and FFXII which I still haven't even tried a first time.


After that I'll buy and play FFXIII.



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