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the last swansong for xbox arcade emulation

gamez fan

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I think reasonable things still possible to achieve... some new games added to Mame ports (i would be happy even only with a Buggy Boy driver) and nearly perfect PSX emulation.

I'd be happy to have a go at adding some more games to MAMEoX. The problem is a lack of sources would mean taking a backward step in some areas so I don't know how much interest there would be. Ideally I'd like to work on the MAMEoX128Plus source, but this was never made available. The last CoinOPS source released ('EPIC' I believe) is the next logical choice since it contains some drivers added by iq_132, but unfortunately the link that was posted here is now dead. If anybody grabbed it and still has it lying around, give me shout and maybe I'll do some poking around with it.

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