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I've been playing ssf4, mk9 and did play mvc3.

Other than the games itself thier communities, are quite differnet IMO.


ssf4 has prob the best community even though they complain alot on grabbers and campers(cuz lets be real, many strategies on there are based on waitong someone to eff up". butI get ggs alot whether i win or lose.


MK is totally different story as most of the pple i play on random ocassions are very douchy. whether it laggs and they win, you're a lagg switcher. Many of da pple are just too aggressive verbally and dont really have sportsmanship whether they win or lose.


LAstly Mvc3 is a mixture of both, you only really get beef if you camp which is hardly a good strategy in mvc3 anyway but they tend to respond to a tough game a lot better than mk players.


THese are just my experiences, Im sure someone elses was probably the opposite, if so do share.

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WEll I dunno, maybe i'll get onthat. I just really wasnt imptressed with guilty and everyone is like "OH YEAH, ITs just like GUilty GEar man!"

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