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I'm going to windows 7.


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Had this version of Vista on for shy of a year now, and man does it run like wank, not slow or gltichy just you get the feeling its all saggy like an old womans, well you know, im also absaloutely certain vista isnt a very nice person when it comes to games recently got my HD6850 ATI card, and only two games have ran better than on my Old 8800GS these being MW2 and bulletstorm. A shocker and I mean a shocker was S.T.A.L.K.E.R CoP Running WORSE than what it did under the 8800GS what the feck is that all about?


Im going to be wrestling with this filty whore on monday or tuesday, the inside of my rig is getting a complete dust out and im re fitting some vents that popped off the front once thats done, i got a legit version of windows 7 to install with service pack one already on a disk. Hopefully this will end my hard time Im currently having with the fucker!

Seriosuly I install ONE game and moments later need to de fragg, serious poop.

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I'll stick with XP...7 sounds great, but I'm just not jumping on that wagon.


Memory management is better, that's great...but you need more RAM to begin with. I'm not interested in what it has to offer, when I have to trade off resources...and I have no interest in running a box with 8GB+ RAM in it for no real reason.

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i got two GIG of RAM, I could do with at least another stick of the stuff, might get a bar next Wednesday if it's not asking the world for DDR3, also picked up a good tip, put a slave drive in and install all my games to that and let nothing else touch it, thats another £50 pound though, and that will soon run up to £100 or near enough, I admitted I might get another stick of RAM but another drive just for game install sounds like a nice luxury but a bit too mcuh cash at the moment, unless...(checks store)


35 quid for an 160gig drive that would do nicely, without breaking the bank for my games drive, I probably would only need an 80gig one to be honest. I do however need a storage drive my current one is only 100gig and it's time is up, cant fit jack shit on it now fill to the brim.

HOLY SHIT! How long has it been since I bought RAM A 2gig stick of DDR3 Is only 21 quid.

54 quid, to add some muscle, and a free copy of windows 7, good shit!

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I got on to Windows 7 from vista, here is the tale drove me fucking nuts!


1. Had to take rig up to old mans.

2. I inserted the windows 7 disk and changed by "boot from" in my bios.

3. Three times in a row it went super slow to get to the install screen and three times it just hanged.

4. At this point Im thinking there is something seriously wrong with my pc, which would kind of explain the shitty performance issues I was going through.

5. We tested both sticks of RAM one at a time (this stuff sends me fruit loop)

6. we figured both sticks of ram were "fine" at a hunch, then decided to pick on my shitty DVD drive.

I had to go through old boxes to find a SATA cable as this DVD drive my old man had was new.

7. tried it with that then got the dreaded 5 to 8 beeps of motherboard death. Still cant get an install and to cap it all off my graphics card does not seem to be responding.

8. at this point we both think after a vigirous inside clean including the fan and some vaccuming we had "staticKed" the machine to death.

9. I got immensely pissed off so mad in fact I had to go home for half an hour to get my smokes as i had forgot them.

an hour later my old man tells me it's "now taken the disc and is installing." wtf.


Major improvement, settles down quicker after working an instal or an update etc.

Installed stalker again guess what MAJOR improvement.


Seriously shady set up though, seriously.

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