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Big trip this weekend

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Yes Emsley, it does piss me off.


Well Ken, I'm always willing to take risk, at least earthquake are not as boring as suicide bombers, there were quite a few jobs going for web developers (NOC 2175) in the job bank, perhaps more going outside the bank. Anywhere is better than England. :(

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a 7.2 couldn't shake me, but cleaning shit up was a bitch


Bollocks! England got a 5.2 and the fucker nearly threw me out of the bed! 2007/8 maybe it was a quick one but it defently happened, i remember going to sleep after A good night out and was thrown in my bed, i got a text off a pall who said "did you fell that?" I was half asleep..

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If buildings and houses are built to modern code, then it'd take a bigger earthquake for them to fall. After that earthquake last easter, only trailers, old buildings, and old structures got red tagged. (of course, the city used it as the chance to get the state to pay for a new city hall)

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The Fireball Classic is what my trip was for, it was the pickup 6 hours north of Montreal. Well worth it, it's near MINT and my gas was covered for the entire trip with payment for my deliveries.


The Phoenix isn't working, but is fully cleaned with new rubbers and just waiting on board repair and it's ready to go. I paid far less than what it is worth, and someone is doing the board repairs for me for free since I don't have time with a new baby coming.


The playfield leaning up against it is a fully populated(missing 1 flipper actually, meh) spare for it that was gifted to me on my trip! I could drop it right in, in place of the existing one if I wanted.

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