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Common Code project update


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What's new (1/21/2011):


Common Source Code Project is updated.


[EMU/WIN32] support output debug log to console

[VM/DEVICE] fix virtual functions for memory and i/o access with wait

[VM/MB8877] support output debug log

[VM/MB8877] support request cpu to output debug log when status is read

[VM/Z80] support variable m1 cycle wait

[VM/Z80] support disassembler to output executed mnemonics

[VM/Z80SIO] change delay timing for data transmitter


eX1twin is updated.


[X1TWIN] fix i/o map for display controller and text/attr vram

[X1TWIN/DISPLAY] fix routine to render vertical doubled character

[X1TWIN/DISPLAY] fix routine to get accessing vram address and raster

[X1TWIN/DISPLAY] fix graphic renderer to check view range in crtc registers

[X1TWIN/FLOPPY] fix not to stop motor of floppy drive

[X1TWIN/MEMORY] fix to wait 1 clock in m1 cycle when ipl rom is selected

[X1TWIN/SUB] fix not to raise irq before all data are recieved by main cpu

[X1TWIN/SUB] fix to exit interrupt automatically without reti

[X1TWIN/SUB] fix to raise obf when new command is processed

[X1TWIN/SUB] fix caps lock

[X1TWIN/SUB] remove game key read command because this is turbo feature

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