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Stewart/Colbert Rally in D.C. 10/30


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Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" vs Stephen Colbert's "Rally to Keep Fear Alive"


Will anyone else be in attendance? I will be going with some friends. I'm also planning on wearing some sort of costume, seeing as its practically halloween.

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Ah well....trip went well. My pals and I were taking the D.C. Metro back to our hotel room, when a sort of scuffle broke out. I was too mesmerized/shocked by what was happening to start filming it with my phone, but I did get some of it.


Basically, this huge fucking white dude with his face painted like The Crow just stands up and begins shoving this young black dude out of the train. He gets behind him and starts dragging him out. The black dude grabs onto a metal hand bar inside the shuttle, meanwhile "The Crow" is yanking him hard. He holds on with all his might but The Crow tugs him off onto the station platform. I whip out my camera then.


Its through the glass, but you can clearly see them scuffling after a few seconds, with the black dude shouting "lets go, lets go". He may have been drunk as well. The Crow is bearhugging him while the dude is sign languaging....fuck if I know. See for yourselves.


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