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duke nukem forever


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Honestly I don't really care if it's not that great. I just want to play it. It would just be awesome to have another game with Duke in it. Plus I have been waiting for a long ass time :)


Also I predict that people aren't going to like it because it will be a straightforward shoot get key shoot keep running straight shoot some more classic gameplay type deal, but that is exactly what I want. Sometimes that is exactly what I'm in the mood for. Its why I still play Quake/Quake2/Doom/etc. and its why I play Serious Sam all the time :P


That mentality is how Nintendo continually makes 98% of their sales of games.

But hey, it works.

I never played a DUke game before but it looks like spook on Arnold and ur lciche hero so im guessing its supposed to be humor mixed with fps madness, so im down.

FPS are getting too serious while other are just getting silly(Borderlands).

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