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My Pioneer usb ext dvd burner won't burn properly.


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My Pioneer usb ext dvd burner won't burn properly.

I just purchased a new Pioneer external usb 2.0 dvd burner because my inbuilt laptop burner has died.

Anyway i plugged it in and tried burning an iso that was over 7gb onto a verbatim +R DL dvd.


I used image burn.I ended up wasting 2 DL dvd's.

Even though image burn was saying it was still writing.The burning stopped on one dvd at 26% and locked up the burner.

And on another disc it stopped at 44%.


It won't finish burning on a DL disc.

Yet when i placed a standard dvd-r in it.It burnt 4.3gb all the way through.And finished the process.


Do you guys think i got a faulty burner?


The model is an Pioneer DVR-X162

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