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Mac is it worth it?

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Its already been covered but my 2 cents


Im on a mac right now... And my mom got a mac last year. These things are terrific for casual use, work applications (most), Art stuff, your Mom or non gaming girlfriend! Not having to mess with virus bullshit and PC slowdown is awesome.


But realistically... not so great for our requirements.

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Virtualization or teenage boot camp is a good option if you can do just about everything you need to within OS X. It's good to have around for the occasional one-off program that's not on the Mac side and has no reasonable equivalent.



I agree with him. bootcamp is really a good choice for you. My temporary solution that works all the time is I put a XP bootable CD in, I go to Preference Pane (in OSX), see the XP CD as a Boot choice, choose to reboot with that.

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Dont piss yourseld thinking its "virus" free, there are still workover programs you get from websites that screw around with your mac.

However honestly its quite rare we get a mac to fix.

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