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anyone else want to help?


1) Games for SHOWROOM that are of good quality (for Arcades / Super NES / Megadrvie / PC engine / NES / Master System / Gameboy Advance)


2) New Skins / Looks


Apart the game list there is not much i can done,


let me know the format, sorted or not


if you can provide me for instance the collection file already collected,

I keep my essentials for some Sytems, maybe there are some good name i can add.


Skins wise, i like the old 'orange - blue - white fonts' skin from mamedox.


Just an idea, is that we could use one or more skins fit in the chosen system, somewhat in the way of fba-xxx...


If they are any designer interested, I found this http://kuler.adobe.com/#themes/rating?time=30

a good way to find the right combination of colors and mix its nuances.

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I just need a list of all those system games you think will fit into coinops well and a place I can grab them...ill do all the work making sure it all intergrates correctly...naming...catagories etc...



The skin engine is about to get easy to reskin for newbes....if they do then ill add in the skin chooser if not its clutter...

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