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How Do I Burn Xbox 360 Games

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am trying to burn an Xbox 360 game to a DL disc and have tried to follow some of the guides that talk about burning .iso files to dual layer discs but I am not getting the same results as the guides say I should. I have the following files for the game I want to back up:


.dvd file - 1Kb

.iso file - 7,651,848 Kb

System Info file - 1Kb

.sfv file - 2Kb


I set Image Burn up to burn to build and output to device. The file system is set to ISO9660 + UDF. I loaded the folder containing all the files above and clicked the calculator button. I got a window back saying that the file was too large and that I should change the File System option to UDF only. I attempted to burn the image anyway but got a window that says I don't need to burn the image on a DL disc. I'm pretty confused at this point and could use some help.



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For starters it must be a downloaded game i'm guessing or there would be no sfv or nfo file.


To start out, google xbox backup creator. It's a small program that makes this all easier.

I think the newest is ver 2.8


Once you have it open - XBC and choose the write tab. Select your burner and then choose the lowest burn speed.

Pick open (I think its open) and choose the dvd file. Click burn & wait till it's done. Not much else to it.

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