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  1. Hello Buddy I wnt through this process to burn xbox, but the error was coming some javac file is missing, what is the wrong with my process.
  2. am trying to burn an Xbox 360 game to a DL disc and have tried to follow some of the guides that talk about burning .iso files to dual layer discs but I am not getting the same results as the guides say I should. I have the following files for the game I want to back up: .dvd file - 1Kb .iso file - 7,651,848 Kb System Info file - 1Kb .sfv file - 2Kb I set Image Burn up to burn to build and output to device. The file system is set to ISO9660 + UDF. I loaded the folder containing all the files above and clicked the calculator button. I got a window back saying that the file was too large and that I should change the File System option to UDF only. I attempted to burn the image anyway but got a window that says I don't need to burn the image on a DL disc. I'm pretty confused at this point and could use some help. Thanks!!
  3. I live in Australia and I want to know what countries I can buy xbox 360 games that will work on my xbox 360 at home? Please list every country.
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