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Wireless Gaming, help!


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If this is the wrong section don't worry, I can move the thread myself. Have a neigbour with two 360's connected wirelessly to a Belkin Mimo G+ router and Sky Broadband. Both 360's are upstairs with the router in the front downstairs room of the house. One of the 360's is in a room directly above the router and seems to work OK, but the other is in an upstairs room at the rear of the house, this 360 is not receiving a strong signal (1 red bar) and keeps getting the 'connection interrupted' message in online games, for a 16 year old lad this is pissing him off no end!


Router is working OK as the internet on his wireless laptop in the same room works, but the signal to his 360 is very low. So, can you get an aerial extender for a 360? Something he can trail outside his bedroom onto the landing to see if the signal improves, or failing that, can a standard USB extension lead be used so he can trail the 360's antenna outside his room?


I assume the 360 has a 'PC standard' type USB port so we can use a PC USB extension lead!


His dad is 'considering' putting a phone extension socket in his room and putting the router in there as a last resort (lots of work and cable into the loft etc!!), but he wants to know if there are any alternatives to see if the wireless reception can be improved on his 360.


Any ideas you 360 Gurus?

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Is the non connecting 360 surrounded by something? Like is it placed inside an entertainment center, armoire, etc? I had this problem where I got no signal on my wireless then placed the system ontop my armoire and have great signal.

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