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Pro evoloution soccer 2010 - PS3

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I have followed PES Since the first title on PS-one so I pretty much know what Im talking about her regarding this game.


First of all let me get the most obvious point out of the way - The japs dont seem to give a shit about proper shirts, team nanes, stadiums etc which is fine by me because half the charm with PES is that its supposed to have creamy gameplay.



I have now played around 50 matches in master leuage mode (any pes player goes straight for master leauge)

I have the dificulty set to "professional."


Im gonna tell you right now this game is a mixed bag of beans on one hand its awesome to play on the other hand the AI is an absolute disgrace.

It cheats - like super obviously cheats like it does not give a shit examples of cheating:


1. Balls do not magiclly float threw parts of your body such as legs/ankles/arms/torsos.

You think your winning the ball and then it just ghosts through you then the AI just fucking steam rollers over you.


2. The ball can go out of play and the AI carry's on as if nothing happened the ball goes over the touch line only just but the game is oblivious to this, no such troubles with your own though.


3. You get fouled a LOT.

When you do manage to get a decent player in to a threatening position kiss your ass good bye you will be hacked down hard - from behind, from the side, if the scripters could get away with it they would have baseball bats on the pitch to finish you off with. Its laughable watching one of your good players gain a yard and then POW MOTHERFUCKER!

Guess what? 9/10 the AI does not get booked, and very rarely gives you a free kick.

Someone is insulting my intelligence with this game and Id sure as hell like to meet him to get some answers. Its hard enough to create a chance enver mind when the AI initiates "RAPE MODE."


4. You never get a penalty. Ever.

I have been hacked down in the box about ten times and from behind - a lot of people have noticed that you dont get penalties. Me been one of them - how STUPID is that? Teams average penalties so how about you put them in eh konami.


5. The AI is capable of amazing tackles!!!

Constantly hitting brick walls is no fun - I could put the game to an easier mode but winning every game 5 - 0 is boring.

i cant describe to you how it does this but you feel like your side of the pitch is on a 45 degree angle and every pass and every run and every turn has to be spot on or your just instantly tackled and the AI just WONT give you the ball back. (it will pass it in its own half for fucking ages boring you to death but no use in trying to tackle them they will do it even more!! not that you can tackle the AI and sometimes fouling them is also amazingly not an option even though the guy is just in front of you)


It then runs off up the pitch making around 700 passes a second, dribbles, runs, flips, punches you in the face, tackles your players, tackles them again to make sure then scores., then runs to your house and sets it on fire.


You are completely at the mercy of an unrelenting AI that takes no prisoners - making the game Annoying, frustrating and leaving you doubting it. A good game does not "trick" you.

I've always been aware that the AI requires "a little extra" but this time it has gone WAY TO FAR.

You hardly get to shoot, and I cant remember any one-on-ones with the keepers.

through balls don't work - you spot an excellent runner and then your guy will decide to through ball it to someone in a completely useless position. IM SORRY BUT PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS DON'T DO STUFF LIKE THAT!


Stop cheating me Konami this game used to be cool now all it is - is a cheat feast for your unskilled AI programmers.

And sometimes you press the button and it just doesent respond to your command...


Imagine it liek this:


Your playing an FPS shooter and there is a guy in front of you going for his gun you click the mouse and nothing happens - he kills you - reload try again - this time you shot but for some reason it hit the floor and not his face - reload try again - It did it!!! you killed the guy hes dead.

Oh no there is another 30 of these guys to go and I dont know if my commands will work!!! Oh noes! Oh noes!!!


On the other hand:


When it works and you score and you actually have good players its a very enjoyable game - some place along the line konami have decided to take the fun out of this game and made it almost impossibile not to mention the glaring anoyances that are "craftly" hidden.


So if you want a football game that makes you earn every god damned ounce of your goals then this is for you -

Honestly I dont think I would have bought it if i knew it was going to be so "Fuck you i cheat" with me.


the difficulty settings should read like this:


You will score.

You wont score as many and the AI will make an effor on goal now and then.

The AI will constantly cheat.

And lastly.



The only hope i have for this game is to now get some good players and see if it helps but im not holding out for anything special.



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Yeah its turned into quite a negative gaming experiance for me now.

I mean the last Pro evo game I bought was pro 2006 - i think - and everytime you bought it you would think "it will be better this time." It went down hill for me since Pro Evo 3.

So in 4 years they have done nothing new, apparently the player animations are still from old PS2 games!


They trick their faithful by changing a few things every release and adding a "minor" change such as this time round "player cards" gamepsot review said it best "why would i want to turn of Steven gerrards long shot abilatie?"

Its fiddly and you have to change it round ever game which makes it a chore.

I never noticed any difference to be honest - Oh i added "one on one" card to one of my players and reaped the rewards of weeks of training for one goal in 7 matches... Wow!


Its a nonsensical game which is why i said "it tricks you" and thats what its been doing since Pro evo 3 in my opinion.

A complete overhaul is required , new animations, refined "less cheaty gameplay"

Im sure next year will be more of the same but seabass has apparently this year taken on feed back from players - guess the penny might have dropped. (probably not though)


Here they go on about the player cards and the unprecidented control over players - what the sliders and support cards, dont they get it that the old PES used to just "do it" and now you have to do it your self? (which doesent make much difference)


Konami need to grow some balls forget about graphics and really overhaul the game play mechanics.

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Ok - I edited a team to have some stronger players - I did not go overboard editing in super stars and stuff like that


Paul robinson

kochensky (LB)

Woodgate (CB)

Ferdinand (CB)

Glen Johnson (RB)

Lennon (RMF)

Owen heragreaves (DMC)

Roscky (CMF)

Robbie Keane (SS)

Tevez (CF)


The only "power houses" I got are Rio and Tevez.


Noticed an instant result in master league - drew at home with chealsea 3 - 3 ! amazing game!

I now have a chance when approaching the area - I scored an absolute peach with lennon - screw messing around with retarded players the game has become too ruthless to sit through 5 seasons building a squad of turds.


I now feel like im playing PES how it used to be.

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