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PS2 gameswap trick


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I used this tutorial





I didn't use 007 though, i used Metal gear solid 3: Subsistence.




ere's exactly what i did.



1- I used the tutorial for PS2 swapping, witout any mods or whatsoever. I did everything it said there. However...the tutorial is mostly for the 007 James Bond game. While i am using MGS3 : Subsistence. Now in the program Apache,i have to edit those numbers, can i also use those numbers for my MGS3 file? Which is NETDOWN.ELF. Or do i need other numbers? If that's the case, than that would be the reason my bootdisc aint working.


OR it could be that it was burned wrong....if that's even possible.


Anyway....so i boot up MGS3: S....in the tutorial it says that i have to press start for MGS3. So i do that. I swap discs...i let it load a bit and then i go to SPECIAL by pressing O and O again when i'm on Camoflauge download...what happens next is...i get into the camflauge download screen. Not even the 'Insert PS2 disc' screen, so i must have done something wrong. In that tutorial it also says somethign about a USB stick with stuff on it, but it doesnt really explain WHAT needs to be on there. But the disc should boot with or wthout a USB stick, right?




In Apache when i have changed the TOC size, and i have updated it... do i need to extract the iso there? or can i just close down apache?

I mean, doesn't it all need to be saved? All the changes? By exitting apache with all these changes...do they get applied/saved?

just found out this MGS3 disc has two ELF files. One is called NETDOWN, the other is MAIN. I have tried NETDOWN twice now...i could try out MAIN.

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a simple .elf on the disk won't work..it's really guess work..I literally had to make a bunch of coasters till i found something right which in my case was a jakk 2 demo disk.try different game disks...Also I found this method worked on a version 5 but not a version 7 ps2.if thats the issue install on a friends ps2 and make an all version fmcboot memcard..you could also try calibration or cleaning the laser since this usually has to be done for a ps2 to read burnt media..Best of luck

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