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Radeon HD 5870


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Also doesn't your mobo have an ethernet jack? Why don't you just use that? Your link also just goes to the sapphire home page.

Odd, when I click that link it takes me to the product page for their Vapor-X HD5870. It looks so much cooler than the stock 5870s. They actually are cooler too coz of the Vapor-X cooling. That's the one I'll get if I come into some money. As for my ethernet jacks, I have two I think, but when it comes to internet connections and networks and stuff, I'm completely useless. Can I use my ADSL connection just by plugging the phone line into one of the ethernet ports? I don't have a router of any kind, just a USB ADSL modem for the family computer, and an internal PCI one for mine.


This double graphics card stuff always seems a major pain in the ass to me.

Certainly can be at times.

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No you need a router or modem with an ethernet jack on it. I know the Vapor-X model, that was one I was thinking about getting, only problem is it blows heat all over your case instead of out the back. It's probably not going to be a problem in my case though. I think I will wait for the 2GB 5870s to come out :lol:

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