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I need your help!


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She's jealous your girl is hotter, still thats pretty low the hater lol.



Tell me about it!


(5:44:23 PM) Lisa: i know ruby is as pissed as hell right now

(5:44:34 PM) Lisa: if she's going to get her friends to rate me poorly oh well

(5:44:37 PM) Lisa: lol

(5:44:53 PM) Joe: omg...

(5:44:58 PM) Joe: She's at it again!

(5:45:03 PM) Lisa: ?

(5:45:11 PM) Lisa: i told you this chick is a bitch

(5:45:17 PM) Lisa: and she is really pissed that i am winning

(5:45:50 PM) Joe: No worries, I have back-up. ^^


This means WAR!

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I may be a little late but you do have backup. :rolleyes: Also voted on as many pics of her as I could find. Have no clue on how many there are tho. Good thing they're labbed with the name of the girl.


edit: just went through the entire 98 picture gallery, voting what I hope were all of them of both your girl and that other chick.

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