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Some guy I know got lymph cancer


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i read up a little and it seems to be called hodgkinsons or something -


He has it in a gland in his neck and it is also on the top of his head (not in the brain on the outside) they are doing biopsys and shit today - from what i have gathered if its the bad type of cancer that just assassinate you it could spread all round his body quickly but if its just in one area it could be controlled.


Anyone know anything don't hold back if you do!

It my girlfriends (just a girl friend) who am talking to she just wants to know about it and i think it would help her if it looked like i knew what was going on she kinda finds comfort in thinking i know stuff.

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It's called Lymphoma, and there are more than one type.




Most forms are quite treatable, some outright "cureable" and others...terminal and nothing can be done.


Good place to talk to others with Lymphoma for advice etc - http://forums.lymphoma.com/

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Thanks cinder.


Edit: That's some complex shit right there.

Looks like we don't want to hear the word "burkitts."


Nope, pray for "Non Hodgkins", very treatable and can be cured. A GF I had in high school had it, and she's fine now and has 3 kids.

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