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Engine Changes


* BG: Improved performance of parallax BGs.

* Stages: Added a hack to recognize the "hires = 1" stage parameter. This parameter isn't officially supported so we strongly recommend against using it for new content.


Bug Fixes


* BG: Fixed bug where tiled parallax BGs did not draw.

* BG: Fixed scaled trans sub BGs.

* CNS: Fixed trigger redirection coordspace bug.

* CNS: Fixed screenpos x trigger.

* CNS: Fixed helper not inheriting palno from parent.

* CNS: Corrected bug in ** operator for integer arguments with exponent >= 0.

* CNS: Integer exponentiation, Floor(), and Ceil() now generate a warning and clamp to INT_MAX or INT_MIN (2^31-1 or -2^31) when the integer range is exceeded.

* FNT: Fixed font newline bug for True Type fonts with text wrapping.

* Motifs: Fixed invalid font in combo counter crash.

* mugen.cfg: Added DirectX option to RenderMode. Setting this mode may help some people with startup issues.

* SND: Fixed snd loading failure using wavs with certain headers.

* Stages: Fixed random stage load error during continue.

* Added hardcoded pal change for SFFv1 sprites. This addresses the palette problem for old characters that override state 5900.

* Fixed UTF-8 BOM detection bug that caused the first group not to be read in some def files.

* Fixed AI.RandomColor = 0 crash.

* Resolved SDL crash on non-SSE2 processors.

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I don't know why I thought this new version of Mugen was compatible with Hi-Res content. This version slows down a little too much on special attacks, I understand that they want to put emphasis on each hit but it becomes a problem because special attacks take too long. Not a bad revamp but I'll wait a bit longer for them to release some more content.

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