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Xfire Release 1.114

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Release notes for 1.114 September 8th, 2009

	* Many changes to Live Video (beta):
	  o Reduced default broadcast bandwidth usage
	  o Reduced CPU usage while broadcasting (though it is still significant)
	  o Fixed many smaller problems 
* Fixed problems with logging into @msn.com accounts
* Fixed a problem logging in if you have over 5000 remote screenshots
* Fixed a serious problem some users experienced if IE8 is installed
* Vastly improved community search
* New games supported:
  Smash Online 	Freespace 2 	Wolfenstein 	Champions Online
  Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold 	Still Life 2 	The Sims 2 University Life Collection 	AI War
  CrimeCraft 	Divinity II: Ego Draconis 	Runaway Gift 	Raven Squad


Chris Kirmse

General Manager, Xfire




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