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Transmission 1.74 released

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BT client. Get it HERE.


All Platforms¶

Better data recovery in the case of an OS or Transmission crash

If a data file is moved, stop the torrent instead of redownloading it

Fix bug that didn't list some peers in the resume file and in PEX

More helpful torrent error messages

DHT now honors the bind-address-ipv4 configuration option

Fix Debian build error with miniupnpc

Fix Cygwin build error with strtold

Update to a newer snapshot of miniupnpc


64-bit compatibility

Queuing system will not exclude transfers with tracker warnings

Links to original torrent files are no longer maintained

Fix bug where changing the global per-torrent peer connection limit did not affect the current session

Fix bug where changing settings through RPC would result in wrong values being saved for three fields


Fix crash that occurred when adding torrents on some desktops

Synchronize the statusbar's and torrent list's speeds

Fix the Properties dialog's "Origin" field for multiple torrents


New Russian Translation

If Transmission was minimized, clicking on it the icon tray didn't raise it


Speed Limit mode support added to transmission-remote

Add a "session stats" readout to transmission-remote

Web Client¶

Progress bar shows seeding progress

Fix bug that displayed "%nan" when verifying a torrent

"Pause All" only appeared to pause torrents with peers until refresh

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