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Yeah my post was part sarcasm...thought that was obvious.


I'm at a point now where I am moving on with my life, I'm intelligent and I process things quickly, so I know I have to pick my ass up and move!

Does it still hurt? Fuck yes, it will ALWAYS hurt...just come one day it will only hurt when I'm forced into a position where I have to remember.


So far things have been ok, people understand my position and my rationale. I've already seen one girl, if you wanna call it that...and I'm out partying with friends on the weekend again, something I haven't done in like 5 years. Strange, but like I said...MOVE ON!


Wait, weren't you like married? I thought you had kids? Damn bro, that sux. :lol:


Yeah and 1 kid, and my wife took her own life...the simplicity is FAR lacking regarding that, I'm past it though and I understand her motives even if I think it was selfish and stupid.

Point is, you'll be ok...you may even be a better man for it. I wish I wasn't in my situation, but I AM a better man for it no matter how you slice it. It changed me in some bad ways that I'm still fighting, but I can see the good ways it changed me too.

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You're a good guy Ken.


Just continue to heal and focus on yourself and your lil' one.

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Sometimes you just need to recreate yourself in a manner of speaking. Its open to interpretation so I'll leave it at that but my advice if you eventually do follow that path would be to be mindful of who you become. You don't want to look back and realize you left something behind you can never regain.

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