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"N64 Controller Adapter for PC USB"


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I bought one of these off ebay this week, because A. Adaptoids are too expensive, and B. It has two controller ports, so if I ever play against someone, I only have to tie up one USB port. I got it with no packaging other than the bubble-wrap envelope it came in, and no documentation at all. So, after playing around a bit (Google didn't have any real answers for me), I figured I'd at least post a topic here explaining how to set it up properly. As far as I could find, this adapter is fairly new to the scene, and so it appears that nobody has actually sat down and used one until now. Hopefully, this will help some frustrated Google users out some day.


The following makes a few of assumptions, namely that you know your way around the Windows control panel, know how to configure plugins for Project64, and that you're not a dumbass.


1. Plug in the adapter (Gotta start somewhere).


2. Open your Control Panel and find Game Controllers (Start > Control Panel > Game Controller in XP, if your CP is set to Classic View. If you're on the default XP view or on vista, google is your friend). You should see two generic listings for "USB GamePad." If your controller is plugged into the left-hand port on the adapter, you want to double-click on the bottom game pad. Once there, click the settings tab, then the "Calibrate..." button to start the calibrate wizard. With the Z-Axis and Z-Rotate stuff, just move the analog stick clockwise for Z-Axis, and counter-clockwise for Z-Rotate. The rest is self-explanatory. If you don't calibrate the controller, the joystick will not be as sensitive as it should be, and you won't be able to run in games that let you run (Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time come to mind).


3. In Project64, use the Jabo controller plugin (N-Rage didn't work for me) to set all of your buttons. This should be pretty much self-explanatory.


4. Have fun.


Random note: I just plugged this thing in and went to use it with VirtualBox, and it's listed as "HuiJia USB GamePad." Probably meaningless, but I'm including it just because.

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