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Firefox 3.0.12 released

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First, lots of MAME 0.133 variants can be found HERE.


Firefox 3.0.12 released - get it HERE or via auto-update.


Fixed in Firefox 3.0.12


MFSA 2009-40 Multiple cross origin wrapper bypasses

MFSA 2009-39 setTimeout loses XPCNativeWrappers

MFSA 2009-37 Crash and remote code execution using watch and __defineSetter__ on SVG element

MFSA 2009-36 Heap/integer overflows in font glyph rendering libraries

MFSA 2009-35 Crash and remote code execution during Flash player unloading

MFSA 2009-34 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:1.9.1/

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