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PSX emulator failed to save game.


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I am using PSX v1.13. Problem is when I try to save game it says an error occurred when accessing memory card. I created memory card on the configure menu and gives a name, then it’s created a “bin” file. The name of the game is Valkyrie profile. I am on chapter 2. I haven’t notice it before when I played other games on this emulator. Problem only occurred in this game; it detects the memory card but failed to save. I was continued my progress by save state feature, but I recently notice the game separated with two CD and bit different then the PSP version. So may be its not possible to load state which created on disk one, then load it on disk two. I don’t have any permission problem on my pc although I using administrator account and user account control also turned off and my partitions are NTFS. I also see there no option to see the memory card or do something on it when I run the BIOS there two slots of memory card and nothing to do without pressing exit. And may be PSX the only emulator which can run this game perfectly. So any ideas why this game failed to save? I don’t want to lose my several hours of game play. :D;):):)


Thanks in advance

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