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BCT and CSW Files

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These are apparently Table/Wave files for the Sound effects? in ZTP.


It is located inside the ZSC2Res ARC file, in a bin folder


CSW = Compressed Square Wave?

BCT = Binary CSW Table?


DWORD is defined as a big endian 32bit unsigned type


struct BCTFileHeader // The BCT File Header


DWORD num_sounds; //Number of sound effects

DWORD bits; //bits per sample

DWORD unknown; // ??

DWORD dummy; // ??



struct Sample


DWORD val0; // ??

DWORD val1; // ??



struct BCTFileData // The data of the file


Sample* samples = new Sample [num_sounds]; // Maybe this is samples?

DWORD* offsets = new DWORD [num_sounds];

std::string* names = new std::string [num_sounds];


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