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  1. Ideas is still not that good enough as to Desmume or no$gba. They really need to catch up to them .
  2. hehe, well I joined this forum a couple of days ago, but I have joined over 25 forums, so I know what to do when I join .
  3. Hello 1emulation, I am glad to be helping you guys . I come from the DolphEmu dev team. I hope this site can take NG's place.
  4. These are apparently Table/Wave files for the Sound effects? in ZTP. It is located inside the ZSC2Res ARC file, in a bin folder CSW = Compressed Square Wave? BCT = Binary CSW Table? DWORD is defined as a big endian 32bit unsigned type struct BCTFileHeader // The BCT File Header { DWORD num_sounds; //Number of sound effects DWORD bits; //bits per sample DWORD unknown; // ?? DWORD dummy; // ?? }; struct Sample { DWORD val0; // ?? DWORD val1; // ?? } struct BCTFileData // The data of the file { Sample* samples = new Sample [num_sounds]; // Maybe this is samples? DWORD* offsets = new DWORD [num_sounds]; std::string* names = new std::string [num_sounds]; };
  5. Some of the files in the image dumps can be converted with some tools found online. Note: Any file starting with the 4 bytes, "Yaz0", can be decompressed in yaz0dec.exe BMD, BDL = Model files, BMDView2.exe can dump model / shader code / textures BLO = Screen Layout ? (SCRNblo2), They seem all to be Yaz0 compressed. Contains some Padding. has filename entries. REL = dll like file? usually Yaz0 compressed RARC = file archive format, use rarcdump.exe ARC = Yaz0 Compressed RARC file TCG = compressed GCM, use tcgtogcm.exe BTI = Texture file, use btidump.exe BRK, BTP = Animation file, BMDView2 can read these animation files PAK = Metroid Pack File, use mpackdump, files inside should be zlib compressed SZS = Yaz0 compressed files, used in Mario Sunshine TPL = Texture File, use tplcnv.exe THP, MTH (THP with no audio) = Video file, use thpplayer.exe H4M = Video file, no exe program for this? Try H4MPlayer DOL program DOL, ELF = Gekko Executable Files BNR = Banner File MAP = symbol map, Dolphin debugger can load them STR = string file BIN = Binary file DAT = Data file JPC = Particle File GCM = Gamecube Media Image, use GC-Tool, Dolphin, gcmdump.exe MOVIE = video file. what can play this? BSFT = Audio Table?? ASN = Some kind of table RSO = Some sort of DLL/Lib like file (Module File) BAA = Some Audio Index Table ?? BNF = Voice Table for Mic? BFN = Something to do with Mic? MLT = ?? LNG = Some file used with Mic TXT = Text file FNT = Font file CSV = ? MNU = ? OLT = ? ODB = ? IMG = Some Image file (like TGC?) SZP = ? MDL = ? KEY = Animation related? RKV = ? SEL = ? RAW = raw data BTK = ? DZB = Model File? (might have some filename string with .modl inside), usually Yaz0 compressed BCK = Animation? (JD3D1) RPK = Model file with Bones, Material? Textures. CDT = Something to do with models too, at least they are in the "models" directory of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody GPL = ?? MES = ?? AGC = ?? GMD = ?? (found in SSBM) FRD = ?? (found in SSBM) IRD = Some sort of comment file. ("thank many many people!!!!!!!!" 0x0D 0x0A) SCC = ? [sound] AST (Steam), DSP, PCM = use vgstream AW (Wave) = GCN Wave files?, don't know what can read these files MSM = ?? (GSND) PDT = ?? SSM = ? HPS = ? MBP = Some kind of sound-file BCT =Binary CSW Table?, see: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29930 CSW = Sound Wave Pack, see: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29930
  6. People keep posting new threads that the sound does not work so here is the thread for those people who are new to dolphin, and that they will not create any more sound issue related threads. The sound emulation barley works -- it is still in development. The plugin, "Plugin_DSP_HLE.dll", is the best working sound plugin you can use in dolphin. There are a few games where the audio works when using this plugin. If you want to audio to work in the Zelda games then then click here to read how to get it working, thanks to John Peterson [Working/Partial] -18 Wheeler: {reported by Hemi3} -Alien Hominid: {reported by Hemi3} -Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance: has sound. {reported by Hemi3} -Baten Kaitos - Eternal Wings: Only sound effects work, no music {reported by John Peterson} -Battle Stadium D.O.N.: fully working audio {reported by Master_Cloud} -Bloody Roar: Primal Fury: fully working audio {reported by Master_Cloud} -Burnout 2: have sound working {reported by Hemi3} -Crazy Taxi: have sound working {reported by Hemi3} -Disney's Party: {reported by Hemi3} -Eternal Darkness: have sound working {reported by Hemi3} -Final Fantasy Cristal Chronicle The music works perfect, but the game doesn't {reported by ZuuZou} -Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Working sound effects, no music {reported by szh} -Gotha Force: {reported by daco} -Ikaruga: have sound working {reported by Hemi3} -Lego Starwars: have sound working {reported by Hemi3} -Luigi's Mansion: you will hear a voice saying "Nintendo" at boot but its a little choppy. {reported by omegadox} -Mario Party 4: sound works fully, except in the videos {reported by omegadox} -Mario Party 5: Has working music and sound effects. =) {reported by Bianc0neri} -Mario Party 6: have sound working {reported by Hemi3} -Mario Party 7: have sound working {reported by Hemi3} -Mario Power Tennis: have sound working {reported by Hemi3} -Megaman Anniversary Collection: only the opening movie has sound, then everything else gets unbearable sound - even on the emulated games {reported by evilhamwizard} -Megaman X Collection: Some games have sound, the menus have sound, the emulated games probably have sound but I can't get any of them to load. The only thing that doesn't have sound are the movies that play - like the Capcom logo or the game openings. {reported by evilhamwizard} -Metroid Prime: sound effects work and choppy music in menu and intro cutscene, and music works in intro cutscene also {reported by omegadox} -Metriod Prime 2 Echoes: Some music works like in the main menu, same with sound effects and some choppy audio in intro cutscene {reported by omegadox} -Naruto 1: Only the HLE audio works... The DTK music wont work... {reported by ZuuZou} -Naruto 2: BUT make sure to enable it (in DSP tab) after the fight has begun! (or it may crash!) {reported by ratero} -Naruto 4: it's wonderful! All sound played very well. (old HLE didn't play the logo sound and movie sound) {reported by gugu} -Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: as of revision 241, full sound with the following settings: dual core on, throttle off {reported by metalgamer2008} -Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2: {reported by daco} -Phantasy Star Online Episode 3: {reported by daco} -Pokemon Colosseum: sound effects work, but music only plays a few notes {reported by omegadox} -Rayman 3: {reported by daco} -Resident Evil 2: There is sound, but no music. Some movies don't even appear but play the sound, but others do appear properly {reported by evilhamwizard} -Resident Evil Remake/Rebirth: Has working sound, also in movies. {reported by nepsquare} -Skies of Arcadia Legends(fixed): Starting from R721, Skies of Arcadia Legends has full working sound including music. {reported by diablo2121} -Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: full working audio {reported by omegadox} -Sonic Adventure DX: uses adx {reported by evilhamwizard} -Sonic Heroes: uses adx {reported by evilhamwizard} -Sonic Gems Collection: uses adx, even for the ports {reported by evilhamwizard} -Sonic Mega Collection: even the emulated games work! {reported by evilhamwizard} -Shadow the Hedgehog: uses adx {reported by evilhamwizard} -Soulcalibur2: full working audio {reported by gugu} -StarFox Assault: full working audio. {reported by gugu} -Super Mario Sunshine: choppy audio in movie cutscenes else not no audio {reported by omegadox} -Super Monkey Ball: Fully working sound and music it seems. If you are a perfectionist there was some intermittent interference-like noice in the music during Monkey Billiards. But it may be because the game is very slow on my computer, about 10 fps. {reported by John Peterson} -Super Smash Brothers Melee(fixed): fully working audio, still some very small audio glitching{reported by omegadox} -Tales of Symphonia: all sounds seem to be working {reported by metalgamer2008} -Timesplitters 2: {reported by daco} -Turok Evolution: The game does not get ingame, but the opening movie works well with sound. {reported by -Shockwave-} -Pikmin 2: not really, only the movies have sound {reported by evilhamwizard} -Viewtifull Joe 1: fully playable sound, but the background music doesn't loop {reported by daco} -WarioWare, Inc: Sound Effects and jumpy, random notes of the music {reported by Joe Finger-Eye} -Wave Race Blue Storm: {reported by Hemi3} -Worms World Blast: {reported by daco} -Zelda: Twilight Princess: only audio works in THP videos {reported by omegadox} -Zelda: Wind Waker: only audio works in THP videos {reported by omegadox} -Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: only the menu audio works {reported by omegadox} [Not Working List] -Mario Kart: Double Dash {reported by omegadox} -Pikmin {reported by evilhamwizard} -Zelda - Four Swords Adventures {reported by evilhamwizard} -Zelda - Collector's Edition {reported by evilhamwizard} --------------------------------------------------- Feel free to post anymore game titles that have working audio with this plugin.
  7. [Audio] Most Wii/Gamecube games uses the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to decode data into Audio data (like the DSP could be used to decode MP3 files into audio). The games load a small program into the DSP called a UCode. the game can send data to the UCode which processes the data into audio and writes the audio data back in the system RAM. In Dolphin, we have to emulate the DSP chip but there is only 1 doc on how this chip works. The DSP_HLE can 95% accurately emulate the AX UCodes, note that all 3rd part games use AX UCodes. Nintendo made games use non-AX UCodes. The HLE doesn't understand the non-AX codes, we are still in progress in turning the non-AX codes into C code. The LLE (Low Level Emulation) DSP plugin emulates the chip by simulating the chip instead of turning the UCodes to C code. Currently the LLE is really buggy and barley works and you also need dsp_rom.bin and dsp_coef.bin, which is a bunch of data you have to dump off your gamecube/Wii system. [Graphics] Most of the graphics is working now but there are still problems with the XFB and Texture Cache and the zbuffer. The OpenGL plugin is mostly worked on than the Direct3D9 one. The D3D9 plugin is old and needs to be re-written. Also I suspect the EFB is missing some shader functionality. Note the Video plugins are still in the works, so expect bugs. Also the emulator can speedown from the vertex loaders loading too many verticies that the games wants to draw to the screen. Also the GatherPipe emulation system might still be bugged, we hacked a WatchDog for it since the watermark is not to be fully trusted to protect the GX FIFO buffer from getting corruptions. [Core] There are still bugs in the CPU emulator and some missing parts like TLB emulation. Dual Core mode is unstable and usually it causes random crashes/bugs during the execution of the game. The Command Processor is still buggy and it is only used in DC Mode. It tries to emulate the CP on the real system when CPU and GPU threads are running on seperate ALU Cores.
  8. Finding cheats You can find codes from the Datel site US Codes: http://us.codejunkies.com/ PAL Codes: http://uk.codejunkies.com/ Or use the Google search engine to find sites that have the codes, or make up your own. Download the latest SVN of our INI database, see Dolphin Database Feel free to submit patches, codes, etc here or on the issues section of the project site. Note: all downloaded ini's should go to user\gameconfig directory Ways to add the codes 1. Open the game's INI config Notepad, Nano, or w/e text/ini editor you prefer. 2. Right click on the game in the game list > preferences > edit config button. Doing it this way will generate a blank ini file if one doesn't exist. OR Use the GUI to add/edit codes. If editing the INI file Under the [ActionReplay] section in the INI (create it if it doesn't exist), you add the codes in this format: [ActionReplay] $FirstCheatCodeName XXXXXXXX YYYYYYYY ...and so on $SecondCheatCodeName XXXXXXXX YYYYYYYY Example: [ActionReplay] $Infinite Health 062AE01E 08000000 4241FD80 000A44BB 4241FD80 000B6000 $Infinite Missiles 062AE021 08000000 4241FD80 013700FA Ways to enable codes (Make sure Cheats are enabled in Main config) 1. Add a '+' in front of the code name 2. Open the ISOProperties window and checkmark the code 3. Open the Action Replay Manager and checkmark the code and hit "Apply Changes" 4. Make sure "Enable Cheats" is checked in the main dolphin config 5. They can be enabled with the Action Replay Manager. See also: Dolphin cheats database: How to add your own codes
  9. ======= System Requirements ======= * Operating System: Microsoft Windows (2000/XP/Vista or higher) / Linux / Apple Mac OS X (Intel version). * Processor: Any Fast CPU with SSE2 supported (recommended at least 2Ghz). Dual Core for speed boost. * Graphics: Any graphics card that supports Direct3D 9 or OpenGL 2.1. See: *link* ======= Runtime Library Requirements ======= Dolphin needs you have to have the libraries listed below installed. [Windows] -MS Visual C++ Runtime 2008 SP1: This fixes the "side by side" / "application config" & model errors Microsoft VC++ 2008 SP1 Redist x86 - For 32bit Windows Microsoft VC++ 2008 SP1 Redist x64 - For 64bit Windows -The DirectX November 2008 Runtime: This fixes the plugin loading errors Microsoft DirectX Updater [Linux] -install libbluetooth: fixes the "PANIC failed to load plugin Plugins/libPlugin_wiimote.so" error for linux users ======= Video Card Requirements ======= You must have a video card that support OpenGL 2.x fully or Direct3D 9.0c. Note: The Direct3D9 video plugin is old/outdated and it looks like it doesn't work anymore. We recommend using the Dolphin OpenGL Video plugin for better video emulation. Note: Make sure your drivers are up to date! [Driver Sites] NVIDIA Drivers ATI Drivers [Models that Dolphin likes] - NVIDIA GeForce 6 to 9 Series and GeForce 200 Series --* GeForce 6 Series --* GeForce 7 Series --* GeForce 8 Series --* GeForce 9 Series --* GeForce 200 Series - ATI Radeon R200 to R700 Series --* ATI Radeon Processor Generations --* Radeon 300 --* Radeon 420 --* Radeon 520 --* Radeon 600 --* Radeon 700 [Model thats Dolphin doesn't like] - Any Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) Chipset --* Intel Graphics Media Accelerator - Older NVIDIA Chipsets --* GeForce 256 --* GeForce 2 --* GeForce 3 --* GeForce 4 --* GeForce FX Series - ATI Radeon R200 and Older --* ATI Radeon Processor Generations --* Radeon 100 --* Radeon 200 --* RIVA TNT ------+ RIVA TNT --* RAGE ------+ Rage
  10. Before Posting 1. Read the Dolphin requirements Here are some things that will get locked. 1. Asking for help where the solution can be found in the stickies 2. Dolphin speed: Dolphin is not fully optimize yet and you should look at the system requirements in the sticky, and read: http://www.dolphin-emu.com/forum/viewthrea...p?thread_id=596 3. Do not post a topic if it has already been posted before (use search tool), same for asking questions that have been already asked. 4. "Failed to create opengl renderer", (or opengl problems) please check if your card support OpenGL 2.x and see the sticky: http://www.dolphin-emu.com/forum/viewthrea...p?thread_id=595 , also make sure to update your video drivers. 5. Asking if a game works or not, please just search the forums and Dolphin Compatibility List and other forum sites such as Xtemu, GeneralEmu, NGemu, emutalk, else test it yourself.
  11. It sucks , CG has a evil Policy and now Ngemu has more ads. I also started to hate Ngemu because many noobs didn't read the stickies and it was suck a mess with topics about something already posted before, because people are too stupid to use a search tool? Ngemu was nice place when I first posted in it, now it is BS.
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