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Dolphin Action Replay

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Finding cheats

You can find codes from the Datel site

US Codes: http://us.codejunkies.com/

PAL Codes: http://uk.codejunkies.com/

Or use the Google search engine to find sites that have the codes, or make up your own.


Download the latest SVN of our INI database, see Dolphin Database


Feel free to submit patches, codes, etc here or on the issues section of the project site.


Note: all downloaded ini's should go to user\gameconfig directory


Ways to add the codes

1. Open the game's INI config Notepad, Nano, or w/e text/ini editor you prefer.

2. Right click on the game in the game list > preferences > edit config button. Doing it this way will generate a blank ini file if one doesn't exist.


OR Use the GUI to add/edit codes.


If editing the INI file

Under the [ActionReplay] section in the INI (create it if it doesn't exist), you add the codes in this format:

...and so on





$Infinite Health
062AE01E 08000000
4241FD80 000A44BB
4241FD80 000B6000

$Infinite Missiles
062AE021 08000000
4241FD80 013700FA


Ways to enable codes (Make sure Cheats are enabled in Main config)

1. Add a '+' in front of the code name

2. Open the ISOProperties window and checkmark the code

3. Open the Action Replay Manager and checkmark the code and hit "Apply Changes"

4. Make sure "Enable Cheats" is checked in the main dolphin config

5. They can be enabled with the Action Replay Manager.


See also: Dolphin cheats database: How to add your own codes

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