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Read Before You Post!

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Before Posting


1. Read the Dolphin requirements


Here are some things that will get locked.


1. Asking for help where the solution can be found in the stickies


2. Dolphin speed: Dolphin is not fully optimize yet and you should look at the system requirements in the sticky, and read: http://www.dolphin-emu.com/forum/viewthrea...p?thread_id=596


3. Do not post a topic if it has already been posted before (use search tool), same for asking questions that have been already asked.


4. "Failed to create opengl renderer", (or opengl problems) please check if your card support OpenGL 2.x and see the sticky: http://www.dolphin-emu.com/forum/viewthrea...p?thread_id=595 , also make sure to update your video drivers.


5. Asking if a game works or not, please just search the forums and Dolphin Compatibility List and other forum sites such as Xtemu, GeneralEmu, NGemu, emutalk, else test it yourself.

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