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Trying to play Chi no Rondo on Ootake


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You are trying to boot a CD-ROM game, not a HU-CARD (cart; ROM image - zipped or otherwise) game. Your can't even begin to boot CD-ROM games unless you have the System Card BIOS (often syscard.pce) and the disc in the CD drive. Now, Ootake doesn't support direct disc image loading (should be fairly obvious from the first message that appears when you start the emulator), so you need to mount the disc image first to a virtual drive.


Take note that most PC Engine emulators emulate CD and the carts. Carts and the BIOS file(s) (dumped into romsets) are the only things that have the recognized PCE (or some other) file extension. No CD game has romsets (unless there were both cart and CD version released), because all the game data is on a CD already.

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