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AR on a Flashcart


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I bought a TTDS flashcard and it says it has Action Replay on it but I can't find it? Is it something I need to add to the MicroSD card with the Menus and roms?


The games play fine on it, The AR isn't a big deal but I thought it would be cool to try....Contra 4 is Hard :(

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Looked around and found the answer myself! :)


Update the TTDS Menu to the newest version. (Writing this the newest is TTMenu OS v1.17, 2009-01-06)

It's on there site under downloads, alot of different languages are supported.


Now download the version of Cheat Manager you want to use.

US Version

EURO Version


Now download the R4 Cheat code editor:


or if the site is down, then get it here:





1. Install the Code Manager

2. Under Subscriptions right click Codejunkies US Games and select copy if you want all or just do this for games you want.

3. Under My Codelists right click and select paste.

4. Let it import the games into your codelist. <-------TAKES ALONG TIME! LET IT SIT FOR ABOUT 20 MINUTES!

5. Once it has completed go this folder:

C:\Program Files\Datel\Action Replay Code Manager\local_codelists


Find the XML, it should say something along the lines of customcodelist.xml


Open the Code Editor and go to file and press Import XML file.


Import the one you just made and then go to file and Save As cheat database. Save it as usrcheat.dat.


Now open the microsd card and navigate to the TTMenu folder.

Copy the new usrcheat.dat file to that folder.



You will see a folder folder.jpg icon. Select it with the stylus.


You will see 2 tabs at the top of the bottom screen. (Option & Cheat)

In the Options tab you will see Cheat. Select it with the stylus and change it to On.


Pick the Cheat tab with the stylus.

If you have cheats available you can checkmark them here to use.

When your finished select SAVE on the bottom left of the bottom screen.


Now when you start the game the selected cheats will be active.


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