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Dark_AleX's 5.00 M33-3 and 3.71 Fatmsmod patch for 5.00 M33

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PSP Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-3

A quick fix for the big bug introduced in M33-2...




- A bug was introduced in 5.00 M33-2 that made some games and homebrew not to work.

- PSN version check is now automatically bypassed without need of touching any setting.

Source and Downloads: dark-alex.org


3.71 Fatmsmod for 5.00 M33

Just a little update to the fatmsmod patch, it stopped working in 5.00 due to a sony file changing its name.


Instructions: decrypt 3.71 using psardumper (square option).

Copy the file fatmsmod.prx in the root of memory stick.


Copy FATMS371 to /PSP/GAME or /PSP/GAME5XX. Run the program and done.

Source and Downloads: dark-alex.org


About Fatmsmod:

Homebrew developer Dark_AleX has released an optional patch that allows users to load the original 3.71 FATMS driver on 5.00 M33 series custom firmware. In certain cases, applying this patch may greatly improve overall read and write performance with slow Memory Stick brands, such as Lexar.

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