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Someone at sega is going to die


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Dark Chronicles Video


Ok, the idea of a Sonic RPG at first shouted "GIVE ME A CHANCE", but no, no no no, fuk you Sega, what the hell!??


A ALIEN SONIC!? Wtf!? Shadow's your brother and now your cousin Chao Sonic's coming down here (not real name assuming name) for a visit in your rpg world?


Not to mention, WTF is up with the aliens Sega, give that sh!t up, this ain't fuking pokemon this is SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! It didn't work for Shadow the emo with spikes for hair it won't work here.


The music has got to go! You know what, fuk you, this entire game has got to go, give your sh!t to Nintendo, or heck even Microsh!t (they'll turn it into a FPS) or even Sony (simply keep on promising the next Sonic game is going to be good and never release it)! Give away the Sonic franchise, your turn is over, you fail at making games now, you fail at making consoles, your dead to me Sega, F-U-C-K-I-N-G dead.

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